Center for Canine & Human Partnerships in Health Fundraising Campaign

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Room to Grow: Center for Canine & Human Partnerships for Health Fundraising Campaign
Our organization is growing rapidly and applications from the throngs of underserved people in need are piling up. In order to be able to assist more of these deserving applicants (without them having to spend years on a waiting list) we desperately need more room. We are currently raising funds for a new facility that we can use for training dogs, operating our administrative offices from, holding fundraising events, hosting volunteer training courses, hosting the training courses for applicants receiving dogs and to operate our fundraising initiatives from. Your contributions can help Diggity Dogs a new home with room to grow. Eventually, we hope to open a large facility called "The (SPONSOR'S NAME) Center for Canine & Human Partnerships for Health" that would include a large training facility, office spaces and small residential units, apartments or cottages that can be used to house applicants during the one to two-week training classes that they are required to participate in when they come to receive the dog that we have trained for them. However, we realise that it may take us several years to raise enough funds to secure such an extensive location/facility. In the meantime, we are seeking a rental space that could, at the very least, be used for training our dogs and conducting classes in. Do you own a home or space that could be used for these purposes? Would you be willing to donate the use of it to our organization in exchange for a tax deduction equal to the amount the space could be rented for? If so, please let us know! It is heartbreaking to watch applicants continue suffering as they wait for one of our dogs due to our funding and budget limitations. Out of gratitude to any individual or business willing to offer us such assistance, we intend to honor them in the name of our facility. For example, if a woman named Helen Johnson donated such a space (or the use of such a space), its formal name would become: 'The Helen Jones Center for Canine and Human Partnerships in Health'. Alternatively, if the Cosby family were the donors, it would become the 'The Cosby Family Center for Canine and Human Partnerships in Health". Similarly, if a business, such as Blue Buffalo (the dog food company) donated the space, it would become "The Blue Buffalo Center for Canine and Human Partnerships in Health". (We are also open to putting 'international' in the name, as we would like to serve applicants from other countries as well.) For more information, please contact Sarah Meikle, our Managing Director
Anonymous 1500.00 USD
Anonymous 200.00 USD
anonymous 100.00 USD
anonymous 40.00 USD
anonymous 25.00 USD
Total amount 1865.00 USD
Target to reach 300000.00 USD

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