A Service Dog for Yajaira


Hello!  I am a 39 y/o female with a passion for helping others in the healthcare field. After coming to Massachusetts in 2009 to seek treatment for multiple illnesses, doctors recommended I acquire a service dog. That’s when, in 2014, I contacted Diggity Dogs Service Dogs for help. Soon after, I got Maxwell, aka Max, a now 9-year-old black lab which turned my life on the right path. After I got Max, my health improved a great deal.

Some of the tasks he helps me with are deep pressure therapy and alerting when he notices something is wrong, and he also assists me during seizures. Moreover, he made my hospitalizations less traumatic, allowing me to heal faster.

Soon after I got Max, I began to gain independence. I returned to school and earned a bachelor’s, followed by a master’s degree. Thanks to the independence my best friend provided me, I could finally go back to work and help others in the healthcare field.

Unfortunately, Max has become older and is about to retire. He has been helping me in school, hospitalizations, and many more, but now is his time to enjoy retirement

To keep my independence, I need to acquire a new service dog to help me. I have many goals I want to pursue.  Among them, I want to keep helping people in healthcare. After being a patient, I can see the flaws in this field, and my primary goal is to improve the healthcare system with my knowledge. To be able to do that, I will need the assistance of a new service dog that has all the capabilities to help me with my illnesses. I will be very grateful for any help you could do or share on social media to accomplish my goal.

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A Service Dog for Yajaira
Yajaira Flores 11000.00 USD
430.00 USD
Yajaira Flores Castro 350.00 USD
Yajaira Flores 200.00 USD
Yajaira Flores 200.00 USD
Yajaira Flores Castro 150.00 USD
Yajaira Flores 150.00 USD
Yajaira Flores 150.00 USD
Yajaira Flores 150.00 USD
45.00 USD
Kelly 25.00 USD
Sarah Meikle 1.00 USD
Total amount 13051.00 USD
Target to reach 21609.00 USD


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