A Service Dog for Simon

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Simon is a 12 year old who loves video games, reading, Legos and science; he is also Autistic.

For Simon this means he has difficulty with social interactions and gets frustrated easily when he doesn’t understand the behavior of his peers.  These frustrations can cause upsets, meltdowns, panic and anxiety most of which means he has to step out of the classroom to be able to regulate his mind and body.

With the help of a service dog Simon will have a partner to help keep him grounded, reduce these frustrations, provide deep pressure therapy and stay present in the classroom.

At home and in the community Simon’s anxiety and sensory input can go into overdrive; sometimes this results in difficulty sleeping, inability to eat, unable to interact with others and can cause dysregulation.  Transitions or unexpected schedule changes can knock Simon off course for the rest of the day.

Simon has the biggest heart for dogs and often cannot pass one by without asking for permission to interact with it.  When he does get the chance the tension/anxiety in his body melts away, a change you can visibly see in him as he receives relief in that moment.

Enabling Simon to have a service dog partner will provide this same relief on a constant basis allowing him more independence as he navigates the world with less anxiety, better sleep, more focus, a constant to help with transitions, sensory relief and so much more.

Please donate now to make a difference in Simon’s life!

A Service Dog for Simon
Sweeney Family Corn Maze 2000.00 USD
Bingo Night+ 1500.00 USD
Karaoke Night + 1500.00 USD
1200.00 USD
Home 1000.00 USD
1000.00 USD
Jennifer Martin 1000.00 USD
Douglas Martin 970.61 USD
Mama Llama Bakeshop LLC and Customers 824.00 USD
Sarah and Andrew 500.00 USD
500.00 USD
500.00 USD
Linda and Lee 200.00 USD
Halloween mug raffle 180.00 USD
Ron & Peg 150.00 USD
Alicia & Frank Broderick 150.00 USD
Buddy 100.00 USD
TJ Manell 100.00 USD
Dina Neiman 100.00 USD
The Drake Bar & Kitchen 100.00 USD
Ramzi and Margaret Murat 100.00 USD
Aunt Mikki and Uncle Bo 100.00 USD
Hal and Alisa 100.00 USD
Jack flynn 50.00 USD
Aunt Carol & Uncle Bud 50.00 USD
50.00 USD
Chad Simmons 50.00 USD
437 50.00 USD
Margie Cain 50.00 USD
The Sweeney’s 50.00 USD
Peter and Tonya 50.00 USD
barb 50.00 USD
Lauren 50.00 USD
Tom & Linda 50.00 USD
Sarah Polito 35.00 USD
Susan and Dennis Fite 25.00 USD
Diane Edson 25.00 USD
Nan Murat 25.00 USD
Amanda 25.00 USD
The Fortunes 25.00 USD
Cynthia Little 25.00 USD
Sarah Norton 25.00 USD
Alexandra Broderick 25.00 USD
20.00 USD
Logan cuddy 20.00 USD
Mark Ridderhofff 16.00 USD
Jacob Service Dog 15.00 USD
Total amount 14730.61 USD
Target to reach 21609.00 USD


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