A Service Dog for Megan

My name is Megan and I have been struggling with ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression for over a decade.

Even before the global pandemic, my anxiety had sky-rocketed and brought my life to a screeching halt. While I was blessed with a wonderful family I can lean on for support during my worst times, I have been unable to hold down a job or do most of the activities I used to enjoy. Often, I am even unable to leave my house. 

The opportunity to get a service dog will change my life.

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for dogs, and having a service dog will allow me to achieve a life I had mere glimpses of in the last decade. With a service dog to help me manage my more demanding symptoms, I would be able to work and not have panic attacks in the middle of the day while staying focused on the job at hand. I would finally have the independence to go grocery shopping on my own without shaking so hard I need to hang on to a cart to walk. Or even just to go out in a crowd and not feel like I am suffocating. I would love to finally be able to go for a walk, on a whim, just because the weather is nice, or go to the theater and watch my favorite shows again without needing days to recover after. 

A service dog would also give me the tools to finally be open with others. I could volunteer my time to share my passions with them and find people with similar interests I can call friends and make meaningful connections. Hopefully, I may even find a person I can love one day to call my partner.

Lastly, having a service dog would allow me to take classes and work toward a college degree. So I could find the independence that I have never truly had and relieve the financial burden that I place on my family while also contributing to my community. 

I can not stress enough how grateful I am for any contribution.


Please donate now to give me the means to live my life instead of just surviving and for giving me the hope that my dreams could finally be reality!

A Service Dog for Megan T
Payment from John T 7500.00 USD
Westerly Yacht Club 5410.00 USD
Deposit 2500.00 USD
Elicit Fundraiser 1487.38 USD
Steve Melley 300.00 USD
Krivickas Family 250.00 USD
Bob Tunila 200.00 USD
Rita & Mike McCarty 200.00 USD
Manchester Wine & Liquors 200.00 USD
Ann Thon 100.00 USD
Bob and Marion Bradley 100.00 USD
Karen Stetson 100.00 USD
100.00 USD
Gram Campbell 100.00 USD
Rick Brown 100.00 USD
Jon Lallo 100.00 USD
Patty & Gerry McKinney 100.00 USD
Dale Reis 100.00 USD
Michele Krivickas 100.00 USD
100.00 USD
Aunt Cathy 100.00 USD
Robin and Jim Jackson 100.00 USD
Ellis Family 100.00 USD
Patty LaPierre 100.00 USD
Mary Barnowski 100.00 USD
Annamarie Lynn 75.00 USD
Eileen M Esposito 60.00 USD
Cindy Davidson 50.00 USD
Dan Wilson 50.00 USD
Megan Tunila 50.00 USD
Meunier Mott Family 50.00 USD
Shaun Tine 50.00 USD
Peter & Eileen 50.00 USD
Milan Moscaritolo 50.00 USD
Carol A Coburn 50.00 USD
Mr. & Mrs. Brogle 25.00 USD
Erin Burns 25.00 USD
Jocelyn Stetson - Via Sarah M 20.00 USD
Macee 15.00 USD
Total amount 20267.38 USD
Target to reach 21609.00 USD


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