Internships Available

the following internships are currently available

Internships Available

  • Service Dog Training Assistant
  • Grant Writer
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Programs & Services Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Administrative & Development Coordinator

Internship Requirements

Must be compassionate and kind to dogs AND people. Must be a positive, enthusiastic team player with good people skills; be patient and genuinely interested in helping people. Must be willing to work long and hard or get dirty, in order to reach your goals. Must have a can-do attitude! We are a new organization that is still figuring out each step as we take it! We want to work with individuals that can figure out solutions and find opportunities. Must work efficiently independently. Should be hungry to learn and willing to pursue that knowledge without direction.

Must have a sense of humor! Are you more likely to laugh than cry when things go awry? Of course, you should be able to take things seriously and not goof off, however, being able to laugh in exasperating situations relieves stress, promotes teamwork, and can leave you revitalized enough to handle the situation at hand enthusiastically, patiently and with a pleasant attitude. Dogs are not machines and it often takes having a sense of humor to work with them.

Ideal candidates are confident and comfortable meeting new people and put others at ease effortlessly. Should be introspective, honest and self-assured enough to open up to others and have them open up to you. Should be respectful of other people’s pain, insecurities, challenges, and privacy.

Should love finding solutions to problems, rather than problems to solutions. When others give up, should get invigorated by the challenge of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles!

Previous knowledge or experience working with/training dogs would be helpful, but is not a requirement. However, a general love of dogs is required. (Must have grown up with, lived with or owned a dog(s). Must be comfortable with dogs and NOT scared of them.

Similarly, previous knowledge or experiences with/around people with disabilities and/or mental health issues would be helpful, but is not a requirement. Autism related experience would be a major plus, though, again, not a requirement. Experience studying psychology is also a plus.

Must be over 18. Prefer candidates that have a driver’s license and own or have access to a vehicle while working.

Note: Internships are Unpaid

To apply, download the application form here and submit to or mail to: PO Box 448, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370.

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