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Items Always Needed

  • Towels & Sheets: Clean of any size!
  • Dog Beds & Bedding: Dog beds, especially large ones with washable covers, as well as washable blankets and comforters.
  • Kongs: All sizes.
  • Interactive Dog Toys & Treat Dispensers: Tug-a-jugs, BusyBuddy toys, Buster Cubes and other toys that stimulate dogs’ minds.
  • Dog Crates: All sizes.
  • Grooming Equipment: Furminators, brushes, clippers, non-toxic shampoos & coat conditioners.

Gift Cards, Vouchers, Certificates & Tickets

  • Skymiles for applicants coming from other states
  • Hotel vouchers for applicants to stay in during their training course and final assessment course.
  • Rental car vouchers for our applicants coming from far away.
  • Gas vouchers/cards for those coming by car.
  • Tickets to field-trip destinations during training such as movie theaters, museums or other entertainment events.

Single Items Currently Sought

  • Vehicle: SUV or other vehicle capable of transporting dogs