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The applicant MUST have provided a Contact and Client Tracker record to the Provider and the Provider must match their name exactly when completing the form.  This is sent to each applicant in an email which should then be forwarded to each practitioner completing the form.


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My service dog has done more for me than medication and therapy combined.

Kylie P.

Client / Service Dog Recipient

Our Mission

Diggity Dogs Service Dogs, a non-profit organization based in Shelburne Falls, MA, provides service dogs and service dog training and support services. We develop dogs’ abilities to sense their guardian’s mental, emotional, neurological and/or physical needs and respond in ways that enable our clients to cope with and overcome challenges that they experience. We create cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with dogs that provide invaluable assistance to disabled individuals.

Our Methods

We facilitate and encourage trusting relationships between dogs and humans based on understanding, communication, and appreciation. All training and care provided for dogs is done with compassion, patience, and care.  Dogs should never be forced, dominated, intimidated, emotionally harmed, physically harmed, or punished. Every effort is made to more fully comprehend the way that dogs perceive and experience the world so that we may employ the most effective methods of communication possible. We remain vigilantly cognizant of dogs’ dependence on man and consider it our responsibility to provide for their physical, mental and emotional health. Great lengths are taken to ensure our dogs are provided with the experiences and care required to ensure that they may live free from fear and are always treated with sensitivity, gratitude and reverence.