A Service Dog for Nevette

Hello, I’m Nevette. I’m a creative individual and have spent a good portion of my life as a professional dancer. Currently, I am a software engineer and mother to a very creative and fun eight-year-old kiddo. I am also a survivor of domestic violence and suffer daily from symptoms of PTSD.

My PTSD symptoms affect my ability to engage with and navigate the social world. Many environments and situations outside the safety of my home feel unsafe. One of the biggest challenges I face with my symptoms is that they are not always visible or apparent to others. Often, I retreat into myself and disassociate in public spaces to cope with the fear that I experience. People I love and care about, acquaintances, and even strangers tend to see me as successful and highly functional. Because of this, my diagnosis and symptoms are often overlooked. People can’t see that I suffer continuously from PTSD, so they assume I am okay.

A service dog will be life-changing for me. A service dog will help me to care for my physical and mental health. It will allow me to feel safe inside and outside of my home. I will be able to get out of my comfort zone and engage more with friends and family in my community. I will be able to continue to support my son in his education and creative endeavors without constantly having to compensate for my PTSD symptoms.

I am excited about this opportunity. I can’t wait to welcome a service dog into my home and have that constant support. Every little bit helps!  Thank you so much for taking the time to hear my story.

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