A Service Dog for Mickey

a path to independence
A Service Dog for Mickey

Mickey has suffered from a sensory processing disorder for years.

Certain noises, smells, crowds and visual stimuli can trigger an overwhelming response that results in a cognitive shut-down for several minutes. Mickey learned to make concessions when he was younger in order manage his symptoms, but this became more difficult as he got older.

In his freshman year of college, Mickey was hospitalized after the onset of anxiety and depression multiplied the effects of the sensory disorder, and life became unmanageable. After medication failed to work reliably and after much discussion with his medical team, it was decided that a service dog would be the best option for Mickey.

Thanks to the disorders, even simple daily tasks can become overwhelming. Mickey often ends up missing classes because of the intense sensory overload from even these basic activities, never mind venturing into crowded locations like the university dining halls. Today, Mickey is a journalism student and wants to become a producer for the BBC, but at this point, that dream seems unattainable. Please donate to his service dog campaign to help Mickey regain his independence, and thank you for taking the time to read his story.
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