A Service Dog for Megan

please help her thrive
A Service Dog for Megan

Megan is a creative, quirky fourteen-year-old with a love of art, music, and animals.

Megan struggles with anxiety, depression, and self-harm. The amazing psychiatric service dogs provided by Diggity Dogs allow clients like Megan to regain independence and a sense of self by trusting and caring for our four-legged friends.

We are thrilled by the possibility of having Megan's constant companion assist her in transitioning back into the community.

With care costs skyrocketing we could really use your assistance in funding this amazing program.

Please donate below and send along to friends and family as you see fit.

Much love,

Megan's family
Grama and Ernie 500.00 USD
500.00 USD
Michael & Katie Burcham 200.00 USD
150.00 USD
Sanchez family 100.00 USD
Jane Naumam 100.00 USD
Lisa Smith 100.00 USD
Matt 100.00 USD
Chris Smith 100.00 USD
Eric and Debra Dahlin 50.00 USD
Kathryn Korman 50.00 USD
Lauren Nagel 50.00 USD
50.00 USD
25.00 USD
Billie Jo Joy 25.00 USD
Friend of Alex R 25.00 USD
Zeeshan Zaidi / Friend of Alex R. 25.00 USD
Jennifer Ruiz 25.00 USD
Vanessa Liu / friend of Alex R. 25.00 USD
Alexandria Rengifo 25.00 USD
25.00 USD
25.00 USD
Julia Valencia 10.00 USD
Total amount 2285.00 USD
Target to reach 10231.00 USD

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