A Service Dog for Louca

My name is Louca, and I’m a dog trainer. If you saw me in the training ring, you probably wouldn’t think I needed a service dog. I may seem comfortable in my classes, but I actually have crippling social anxiety, PTSD, and Autism.

These challenges make it very difficult for me to interact with others. I have panic attacks frequently and I am completely overwhelmed by everyday situations such as going into stores and being alone with people.

My dream is to run my own dog training business, but I know to do that I will need a lot of independence. Dogs, even other people’s, bring out a different side of me. They make me feel safe and confident.

I know that having a service dog will be the extra tool I need to fulfill my dreams and live a healthy life.


Please donate now to help me on my journey to independence!

A Service Dog for Louca
1200.00 USD
Mom and Dad 500.00 USD
Anne and Les Hill 100.00 USD
50.00 USD
Total amount 1850.00 USD
Target to reach 20580.00 USD


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