A Service Dog for Emily

support a survivor helping survivors

My name is Emily and I’m a 25 year old graduate student and aspiring social worker/therapist. I’ve struggled with PTSD and seizures since my early childhood.

I continue to juggle overwhelming and debilitating symptoms and was without diagnoses or access to treatment for many years. My seizure disorder is complex in that I’ve experienced seizures since I was 7 years old and yet my providers do not know their cause or have an effective treatment plan. Therefore, I need to make lifestyle changes to promote my safety. 

I have made huge strides in my ability to advocate for myself, make use of treatment and connect with my support system in the last few years. My commitment to healing helped me come to terms with my trauma and accept that my conditions are chronic and require constant work.

If I want to pursue my goals I need to maintain my independence. Thus, I need another tool in my toolkit to manage my PTSD and stay physically safe from the danger of seizures. In this way, a service dog would be a life-changing support to me.

It is my hope that a service dog will help me maintain my safety, independence and function by performing tasks to identify, respond to and lessen my symptoms. I need to help myself in order to help others as a social worker. I am endlessly grateful for your assistance in making this possible and supporting a survivor stand alongside other trauma survivors.

A Service Dog for Emily
Alexander Kyte 1500.00 USD
Alex Kyte 1000.00 USD
Alexander Kyte 999.00 USD
Jodie 🙂 500.00 USD
KellyAnn and Natalie 400.00 USD
Remaining Balance (Hock) 371.00 USD
Jill 300.00 USD
Hock 300.00 USD
250.00 USD
Noor H. 200.00 USD
Brittney, Kathy, Nicolai, Neka, & Zuri 200.00 USD
Ellen and Brianna 200.00 USD
Lydia Koropeckyj-Cox 150.00 USD
Rachael Chambers 150.00 USD
David Kalian 150.00 USD
Mim 150.00 USD
150.00 USD
Kate 100.00 USD
Omi 100.00 USD
Lois Serhan 100.00 USD
100.00 USD
Lyle 100.00 USD
Natalie 100.00 USD
Barb Stuebing 100.00 USD
75.00 USD
Sim! 50.00 USD
KellyAnn 50.00 USD
Erin 50.00 USD
nic serhan 50.00 USD
April & Chris 50.00 USD
Abbo 50.00 USD
Angie Estevez Prada 50.00 USD
Hannah 50.00 USD
Imani 40.00 USD
Sorenda and Allison 40.00 USD
Christine 40.00 USD
30.00 USD
Rand 30.00 USD
Kelsey Riordan 30.00 USD
Tamara 25.00 USD
Ben 25.00 USD
Rochelle 25.00 USD
Phoebe 25.00 USD
Romain 25.00 USD
Ginny Smith (friend of Nielsens) 25.00 USD
Henny 25.00 USD
Allegra 25.00 USD
Chandler Cook 25.00 USD
Samantha A Barklow 25.00 USD
20.00 USD
Erin MHC ‘06 20.00 USD
Karla 20.00 USD
Lyle 20.00 USD
20.00 USD
Nina Foushee 20.00 USD
Jessica Benjamin 18.00 USD
Rachel Tanenhaus 18.00 USD
Julie Randazzo 15.00 USD
Anjelica 15.00 USD
Anna Domings 10.00 USD
Haylee and Jake 10.00 USD
10.00 USD
Anna Domings 5.00 USD
Total amount 8826.00 USD
Target to reach 12826.00 USD

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