A Service Dog for Emily

a journey to freedom
A Dog for Emily
A good portion of Emily’s childhood was spent in hospitals and attending doctors’ appointments. Emily was diagnosed with anxiety at an early age, as well as depression and PTSD later on in life. Emily’s depression makes it difficult for her to hold any kind of schedule. She has trouble getting out of bed in the morning, taking my medications on time, putting pride into her appearance and leaving the house.

"At times these tasks can be so overwhelming that I wish I could just disappear.”, says Emily.

“School is especially hard for me. I have always had trouble going to and/or staying in class. I would have constant panic attacks and spent most of my time in the nurse’s office. My dissociation makes it hard for me keep focused, and stay present in the ‘here and now.’ I want to be able to attend school on campus like a normal student instead of taking it online.”

A service dog would help Emily to mitigate my panic attacks and ground me during episodes of dissociation. It would help me keep a routine and make everyday tasks less monumental.

Please consider supporting Emily on her journey to freedom.

Emily Cord 400.00 USD
Chelsea Wragg 100.00 USD
Kelly Otterness 20.00 USD
20.00 USD
Anna Domings 10.00 USD
Anna Domings 5.00 USD
Robin Getz 5.00 USD
Total amount 560.00 USD
Target to reach 10290.00 USD

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