A Service Dog for Deanna

My name is Deanna and I have suffered with the symptoms of bi-polar disorder for several years.

I am a graduate student studying applied behavior analysis and I work with preschoolers at a therapeutic preschool. My goal is to become a consulting behavior analyst at similar preschools and elementary schools.

Bi-polar greatly affects my life and I often have to lean on my support system for help. A service dog will help reduce the burden my symptoms place on the people who love me.  Mania causes me the most difficulty. I struggle to sleep, eat, take my medication, go to work, and focus when I am at the height of a manic episode.

I am often stable, neither manic nor depressed, but episodes are unpredictable in timing and severity. Last winter I had one of the worst episodes I have had since starting treatment. After research and conversations with my treatment team and loved ones, I decided I need to add another layer of treatment.

Further research resulted in my deciding a service dog is what my treatment plan is missing.

A Service Dog for Deanna
150.00 USD
100.00 USD
Kelly 100.00 USD
100.00 USD
50.00 USD
Total amount 500.00 USD
Target to reach 20580.00 USD

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