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A Dog for Makayla

An 11-Year-Old's Campaign for Independence

On August 12, 2012, at the age of 6 my daughter Makayla had her first seizure. It nearly took her life. I was fortunate to have had her sleeping in my bed that night. I was awoken to the sound of her tongue making clicking and sucking noises. I noticed that one side of her face began drooping as if she had a stroke. She was unable to talk but could understand when I spoke to her. I asked her to wrap her arms around my neck and I ran down stairs with her in my arms screaming for her father. Makayla was rushed to the hospital. After our arrival, her medical condition took a turn for the worse. Makayla began seizing and vomiting causing her to aspirate. Her condition was uncontrollable, the medical team determined they would place her in a medically induced coma. A respiratory team was called to transport our daughter to the Baystate Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She was diagnosed with Landau Kleffner Syndrome. This night and the ones that followed will stay with us forever.

Today, Makayla still battles her seizure disorder. Her disorder only occurs in her sleep, presenting at the beginning or the end of her sleep cycle. Because of this, she sleeps in our bedrooms so that we may keep a close eye on her in the event she has a seizure. Makayla is now 11 years old, a young woman, needing her own privacy and her own room. Having a seizure alert dog would allow her this tiny bit of freedom. She is a beautiful young lady with the most amazing outlook on life. Her dog would be her best buddy and I know she would love and adore a dog. Beyond the cost for the dog, Makayla and I will have to travel to the training center to complete a 1-week training course. Any way you can help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for taking time to help our daughter. You have no idea how much your help means to us.

Annmarie Roy
Elizabeth Sayman 1000.00 USD
Dianna Brooks & Katya Bowen 600.00 USD
Annmarie Roy 500.00 USD
Unico 500.00 USD
Auntie Clara and Uncle Rob 400.00 USD
Annmarie Roy 400.00 USD
Auntie Clara and Uncle Rob 300.00 USD
Amelia Whitmire 200.00 USD
Mazen and Kelly 200.00 USD
Nicholas Whitmire 200.00 USD
Jay & Stacy 200.00 USD
Grampy Wilker 200.00 USD
Auntie Clara and Uncle Rob 200.00 USD
Norma Branes 150.00 USD
Diane 100.00 USD
Nicole 100.00 USD
Shauna Kellar 100.00 USD
Aunt Betty & Uncle Norm 100.00 USD
Donna Leab 100.00 USD
Heather and Mike Spencer 100.00 USD
Rian 100.00 USD
Auntie Clara and Uncle Rob 100.00 USD
Angela, Ed, and Hannah Bourdon 100.00 USD
Dawn Kerwood 100.00 USD
Annmarie Roy 80.00 USD
Michelle & kurt 50.00 USD
DZ 50.00 USD
Lisa and Dennis Maston 50.00 USD
Jennifer Amuso 50.00 USD
Nicholas whitmiee 50.00 USD
Marcia Sowycz 50.00 USD
Kathi & Kevin Biernacki 50.00 USD
Center for Rehab 45.00 USD
Jason Choon 40.00 USD
Mark Baroli 40.00 USD
Todd Maloney 25.00 USD
Susan Murphy 25.00 USD
Ruth Fairfield 25.00 USD
Bonnie Eastwood 25.00 USD
Arienne 25.00 USD
Jace 25.00 USD
Libby Hall 15.00 USD
Maxine Frisbee 10.00 USD
Todd Maloney 5.00 USD
Total amount 6795.00 USD
Target to reach 10000.00 USD

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