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what our clients have to say

What our clients have to say about our organization and our dogs!

The following testimonials were submitted by Diggity Dogs clients.

“My service dog, Bentley, is my helper and my healer. He can recognize my disabilities and when I cannot cope with them on my own, he is there to help me with them. He knows when I need help and just how to give that help in the perfect way. He is my sweet boy and cuddly companion. He is my forever partner. I am eternally grateful to Diggity Dogs Service Dogs for my boy Bentley and everything he does for me.” – Lauren

“I am a healthier & happier person because of my service dog, Royce. She has done more for me than years of medication and therapy combined and the difference in who I am and how I function is tangible both to myself and those who knew me before I had Royce. It took me a long time to find an organization that does what Diggity Dogs does &, as far as I know, they are the only one dedicated to people like me. Waiting a year for my dog felt like the longest year of my life, but the years since I’ve had her have been the best. I spent years suffering but being perceived & diagnosed as high-functioning. I tried therapy. I tried countless medications. I tried every holistic option in the book. I was actively very against the idea of a service dog for myself: it would change my lifestyle, it would cost money & time, and it would be a visible representation of my illness. Working with Sarah at Diggity Dogs did wonders to calm my fears as well as get me excited about my service animal relationship. When Sarah found THE perfect dog for me & my PTSD, it instilled a sense of hope in me I hadn’t previously been inspired to feel. She is my partner: I take care of her & she takes care of me.” – Kylie

“Since we have had Ferris he has been a blessing! My daughter Makayla suffers from a seizure disorder that only occurs in her sleep. He literally sticks by her side no matter where we are. He is literally her best buddy! To hear the laughter that comes from her warms my heart. Ferris is literally the best friend and protector to Makayla that we both needed for us to sleep at night! He knows to press a button to alert me if she should have a seizure. He has given Makayla and I the independence we both need to be able to sleep in our own rooms. Makayla is a young lady that needs to feel like an independent normal young preteen! We can’t thank the staff at Diggity Dogs enough for the normalcy they have given to us again!” – Ann Marie Roy

“The Service Dog I received from Diggity Dogs saved me and gave me independence again. I suffer from PTSD and before I was teamed up with my partner Harper I hadn’t left my home in a year and a half. I was so terrified of everything and everyone and constantly having crippling panic attacks to give a short explanation. Then Harper came into my life. Harper helps take care of me. He gives me courage. He watches my back when I can’t. He creates a buffer space between others and myself. Harper tells me when a panic attack is going to happen allowing me to remove myself from the situation. He also breaks me out of my panic attacks and helps calm me down.  Most of all he is a loving companion who helps me keep my anxiety under control.  I go outside again because of my partnership with Harper. I get to go to the grocery store and almost feel normal. It may not sound like much to almost feel normal. But, it is everything to someone who can’t navigate the world like everyone else.  I could write forever but I hope I could give you a small picture of the impact Harper has made in my life.” – Jason

“My Diggity Dogs Service Dog, Haven, has changed my entire life. I can’t imagine going back to life without her. She is my best friend and my keeper. My life is so different with her at my side. When I am lacking in confidence she lend me some of hers. When I am scared and anxious she lends me her calm. When I am loud she reminds me that quiet is better. Haven is my treasure and my joy. I am so grateful.  I love working with Haven and the time since she came into my life has been a whirlwind of just amazing changes. My psychiatrist and therapist are thrilled that I have her and am doing amazingly well. I get out of my apartment and do things and see people and meet new people now and it’s been a huge thrill to be able to do regular stuff. Haven has given me a new confidence and sense of self. I’m doing things I never thought I could do and it’s amazing.” – Ashley

“Diggity Dogs Service Dogs is the organization that changed my life. I was totally isolated before I got Maxwell, as my life was full of medicines and doctor’s appointments almost every week. Since I got my service dog, I have started to feel alive again. I am more independent, have gone back to college, and started socializing again. My physical health has improved dramatically too!  My doctors, from my GP to my immunologists, have been in awe of the change Max has made on my health and in my life.  They say that if they had known the positive impact he would have on my health and quality of life they would have suggested it sooner!  I have even been able to decrease many of the medications I have long required in order to sustain my health and well being. I am healthier and happier and can’t imagine my life without my Diggity Dogs Service Dog.”  – Yajaira

“Choosing to get a service dog was the best decision I’ve ever made. It was impossible to find a service dog organization that specialized in mental health service dogs. Those agencies that I did contact refused to help me. I was so thankful to find Diggity Dogs. Hayden has improved my quality of life and made it so that I can spend less time managing my disorder and more time living my life.” – Tanya

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