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Diggity Dogs Service Dogs Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. There are several ways to donate to Diggity Dogs, including those listed below.  If you would like to contribute something not listed, please contact us to discuss it further.  Thank you for your time, generosity and consideration.


Our foster volunteers provide homes for our dogs in training. For more information about fostering a service dog in training click here. Apply to foster a dog now by clicking here or call us on 914-222-DOGS. Our foster volunteers are the foundation of our program that make it possible for us to help the people we do, so we value them immensely! We hope to hear from you soon!


There are many ways to help us on our mission and many ways to volunteer. Click here more information about volunteer positions and programs available.


There are also many ways to contribute items other than money! Explore our Wish List for items we need urgently and other items that we always need.


Do you offer a service that we need, manufacture or sell a product that we could use, or have a skill we could benefit from? Become a long-term sponsor! A list of sponsors we are seeking can be found on our wish list page or on our sponsors & supporters page. We will also be getting an increasing amount of press coverage over the coming months. Whenever possible we will mention the generosity of our sponsors!


Much of our work would not be possible without the generous donations of dogs from breeders and rescue organizations. Each of these dogs is treasured and cared for in the home of a loving foster family while in training, before meeting their future human partner and will go on to provide invaluable assistance to someone in need.

Donate to an Applicant's Campaign

Contribute to an Applicant’s Fundraising Campaign: Many of our applicants can not afford to cover the cost of their service dog and without the generous support of the public, they will go without the help they desperately need. Explore their individual stories by clicking here by navigating to our ‘Applicants’ page.

Make a General Donation

Donations from people like you make our work possible. With the click of a button you can donate once or commit to an ongoing donation monthly for any amount you choose. Every dollar counts! Donations can be made online using a debit card, credit card or Paypal account. Checks and money orders can be mailed to PO Box 448, Shelburne MA 01370. All online transactions are handled by Paypal and are, therefore, 100% secure and guaranteed. While we are extremely grateful for each and every one-time donation, if possible, please consider making a reoccurring donation that will automatically be charged to your card or account each month. We respect the privacy of all donors and promise to never share your information with anyone.
Do you have a skill or service that isn’t listed? Get in touch!

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Curious about fostering a service dog in training? Apply now or contact us for more info!

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