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Sponsor an ApplicantOur Applicants Need Your Help!  Many of our applicants can not afford the cost of a service dog. Without the generous support of people like you, they go without the help they desperately need.  

Explore their stories below.  Donate to their campaigns using the form below their profile. Donations can be made using a credit card, debit card or Paypal account.  All donations are processed by Paypal, which makes them secure and 100% guaranteed.

Without the generosity of people like you, those who give what they can, these applicants would be unable to afford the service dog or service dog training services that they seek.  Thank you, on behalf of our team and our applicants, for taking the time to contribute and change some lives!


A Dog for Will

Will is 36 years old, hoping to rediscover life.

For nearly 15 years, agoraphobia, as well as panic and anxiety disorders, have severely impacted Will's daily life. It is almost impossible for him to venture into unfamiliar open and crowded spaces without having an episode. Having been effected for so long, Will has forgotten what it is like to lead anything resembling a normal life.

With the assistance of a service dog working beside him, navigating through the daily necessities of life will become much easier for Will. Whether it be medical appointments, trips to the grocery store or pharmacy, or simply going for a walk down the street, a service dog would be an invaluable companion.

Please help Will on his journey to regaining independence by donating today.
Patricia Keighley & Katherine Bliss 500.00 USD
Robert Butman 100.00 USD
Norman Leger 50.00 USD
Rob & Sen 25.00 USD
Yajaira 15.00 USD
Meghan Brandes (friend of Trish & Kathy's) 10.00 USD
Total amount 700.00 USD
Target to reach 10290.00 USD




A Service Dog for Ella

Everything changed when Ella began falling.

The tendons in her knees were no longer able to support her.

She could no longer walk on her own.

Initially, Doctors were able to surgically restore much of Ella’s mobility, but it didn't last long. After the first surgery, she was even able to return to dancing, one of her great loves, for two years. However, two more surgeries, each requiring six-months of recovery, changed Ella’s life forever.

Ella was no longer able to dance or enjoy so many things that she loved. Her first year at college was not what she had anticipated. She began her first semester still able to live a fairly active lifestyle, only struggling with her depression and some soreness in her knees. However, by Ella’s second semester, everything changed as the pain slowly but steadily increased.

In addition to her limited mobility, Ella suffers from fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, and depression. A service dog would provide Ella independence and relief for those she now depends on for support. A service dog could help Ella sit and stand on her own, help her undress, retrieve her crutches, and pick up dropped items.

Often, when Ella falls, she has to wait for someone to find her and help her up. “I’m only 19 and fall like the people on those Lifeline commercials. Sometimes, if I fall and I'm out of reach of my crutches or my phone I'm stuck there.” says Ella with a bitter-sweet laugh.

After years of struggling to cope, refusing to resign herself to a wheelchair for life, Ella also began to understand what it was like to live with depression. When asked about it, Ella says, “Unfortunately, the pain and depression feed off of each other. The body can not live without the mind." A service dog is the next step that Ella must take to ensure that she reaches her goals.

For most of Ella’s life, she was an avid dancer and an independent, cerebral, and loving person. She spent her time studying, volunteering for Autism Speaks, volunteering as a coach at the Special Olympics, dancing and enjoying her youth. Rather than succumbing to defeat, Ella is determined to overcome all the obstacles she faces... anything that stands in the way of her achieving her goals. She is currently in college studying medicine, arguably the most time and energy demanding field one can choose. She hauls her books on her back and makes her way through the halls on forearm crutches, praying that she doesn't fall, that the floor is never wet.

Ella needs your help in order to thrive!

DONATE NOW so a service dog can provide
the mobility assistance & emotional support
Ella so desperately needs.

Diggity Dogs Service Dogs 200.00 USD
Diggity Dogs Foster Volunteers 142.15 USD
Beth Poor 100.00 USD
100.00 USD
100.00 USD
50.00 USD
50.00 USD
Becky 50.00 USD
Chelsea Jewett 35.00 USD
R & B Steele 35.00 USD
Mahmoud 25.00 USD
Spongebob Squarepants 25.00 USD
25.00 USD
Anonymous 20.00 USD
Ryan G 20.00 USD
T Shirt Funds 1 20.00 USD
Steph 15.00 USD
Alan Neilan 10.00 USD
Fred Neilan 10.00 USD
Bryan 10.00 USD
Joe 10.00 USD
Erin 10.00 USD
Brian Steele 10.00 USD
Peter 10.00 USD
Megggg 10.00 USD
Sarah 5.00 USD
Sydney 5.00 USD
Heather 5.00 USD
Caitlyn Landry 5.00 USD
Allie 5.00 USD
Tim 5.00 USD
Jerome 5.00 USD
Zachary 5.00 USD
David 5.00 USD
Gabe 5.00 USD
Total amount 1142.15 USD
Target to reach 5500.00 USD

A Service Dog for Breanne

A Service Dog for Breanne
Breanne is a ten year-old girl that struggles with an anxiety disorder and depression. She and her family, who live locally, have been long time supporters of Diggity Dogs and after seeing all the good that Diggity Dogs service dogs do for our clients, Breanne would now like a Diggity Dog of her own!

A service dog dog would help Breanne cope with anxiety attacks and social phobias, as well as with depressive episodes. Her service dog would assist her by offering deep pressure therapy and using tactile stimulation to calm and sooth her.

Breanne also suffers from asthma, so she would require a 'hypo-allergenic' service dog.

Help us give back to Breanne, a long time supporter and volunteer by donating to her campaign today!
Become our first donor!
A Dog for Danielle

Danielle is a 13-year-old girl who just wants to live a normal life.

At the moment, Danielle's live is seriously impacted by her panic disorder, social phobia and agoraphobia. This makes going to the park, the movies, or even down the street a challenge.

Danielle has always loved animals and a dog was always a dream of hers. Having and loving three ferrets, two guinea pigs, one cat and a mouse she is ready to take up the responsibility of caring for a new canine friend, partner, and teacher.

So please donate or spread the word!
Rachel B - Deposit Check 2000.00 USD
uj 1000.00 USD
uj 500.00 USD
TG 200.00 USD
Mom 100.00 USD
SM & family 100.00 USD
KT 100.00 USD
AT 100.00 USD
Britt 100.00 USD
BM 75.00 USD
72.00 USD
Sarah 50.00 USD
Maura Faggart 50.00 USD
LL 50.00 USD
Uno Restaurant 36.27 USD
Check Sent by Rachelle G. 36.00 USD
Xiaosai 30.00 USD
Mom 15.00 USD
Mom 10.00 USD
Total amount 4624.27 USD
Target to reach 10230.00 USD

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