A Service Dog for Sean

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A Service Dog for Sean
Sean Kennedy is a 19 year-old man who, through all of his troubles, maintains a steady and happy lifestyle for himself. He is currently enrolled at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester and plans to transfer to Boston University following the current academic year. He plans to one day become a doctor, a dream he’s had since he was younger. When he is not in school, he loves to take walks and explore outside places, tidy up the household in his spare time, and even makes time to play with his rabbit. And who could ever forget his ability to make people laugh and feel good?

But despite the happiness in his life, Sean struggles at times to sustain it.

Living with schizophrenia has not been easy for him, especially when hallucinations, panic attacks, and side effects of daily medications prevent him from doing even the simplest of tasks. In addition, he has suffered from extreme back pain and muscle aches, and at times it reminds him of the hardships he once endured when he was stuck in a wheelchair, having lost the ability to walk. Though he walks fine now, the pain remains in his back, and with the schizophrenic symptoms to go along with it, being happy isn’t always easy.

That’s why we need your help. After consulting with his clinical team, it is agreed that a psychiatric service dog will benefit him greatly. Considering how busy his family is, a service dog will bring him companionship and won’t make him feel alone, which in turn will help with his hallucinations. In social situations, a service dog can prevent him from having a panic attack in front of others and make him feel safe in large crowd settings. A service dog can also help him retrieve items within the house that could otherwise give him back pain if he gets them himself. But more importantly, a service dog will give him the confidence he needs in believing in himself, that he can become a doctor and live happily amongst society and his peers. He is constantly overcoming obstacles every day, and with a psychiatric service dog, these obstacles will be easier for him, and he can have the ability to be his happy self.

Diggity Dogs Service Dogs' intensive curriculum and training of their dogs is one of the best in the entire state, and we fully trust their capabilities in providing a dog to Sean. Money is tight at the moment, so any donation is much appreciated. From all of us, including Sean, we thank you for taking the time to read his story and join us in our quest to bring home a new addition to our family!
10.00 USD
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Target to reach 8184.00 USD

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