A Service Dog for Danielle

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A Dog for Danielle

Danielle is a 13-year-old girl who just wants to live a normal life.

At the moment, Danielle's live is seriously impacted by her panic disorder, social phobia and agoraphobia. This makes going to the park, the movies, or even down the street a challenge.

Danielle has always loved animals and a dog was always a dream of hers. Having and loving three ferrets, two guinea pigs, one cat and a mouse she is ready to take up the responsibility of caring for a new canine friend, partner, and teacher.

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Rachel B - Deposit Check 2000.00 USD
uj 1000.00 USD
uj 500.00 USD
TG 200.00 USD
Mom 100.00 USD
SM & family 100.00 USD
KT 100.00 USD
AT 100.00 USD
Britt 100.00 USD
BM 75.00 USD
72.00 USD
Sarah 50.00 USD
Maura Faggart 50.00 USD
LL 50.00 USD
Uno Restaurant 36.27 USD
Check Sent by Rachelle G. 36.00 USD
Xiaosai 30.00 USD
Mom 15.00 USD
Mom 10.00 USD
Total amount 4624.27 USD
Target to reach 10230.00 USD

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