A Service Dog for Jackie B.

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A Service Dog for Jackie B.
Twenty-one year old Jackie B. of New Castle, PA grew up wanting to be a Veterinarian running her own no-kill animal shelter. By the tender age of ten years old Jackie had already been through many trials that no child should have to go through. By the time Jackie B. was seventeen, she had been diagnosed with Depression, PTSD, Bi-Polar Disorder, an Anxiety Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder. She also constantly struggled with insomnia. To make matters worse, within a year Jackie B. was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which causes ovarian cysts and a range of other issues. She also found out that the chronic back pain she was experiencing was due to scoliosis and arthritis. During high school Jackie B. suffered from constant bullying, which further exacerbated her difficulties relating to other and the general public. These experiences left her terrified by the prospect of going to college and she became increasingly more isolated. This was all compounded by ongoing difficulties managing and balancing the plethora of medications Jackie B. was required to take. Luckily, Jackie B. was able top move eventually and was fortunate enough to meet her husband, a wonderful man with whom she now has a handsome little boy. However, Jackie B. has continued to struggle with an array of physical ailments. Her back pain has increased significantly and she now also suffers from nerve problems in her back that causes her to loose the feeling in her legs and often affects her stability and ability to stand. These limitations left Jackie unable to continue working and her increased isolation since has heightened her struggles with depression as she fights a seemingly endless battle to function. Her struggle to cope is also having a profound affect on Jackie's friends and family. A service dog would help Jackie immensely with both physical and emotional issues. A service dog would also enable Jackie to sleep at night and wake her when her son wakes up. A service dog would help Jackie through anxiety attacks in public and my fears of everyday life. A service dog would also help Jackie cope with her fears related to vehicles and increase her mobility, which in turn would relieve the burden on her family. A  service dog would also be able to Jakie face her fears of crowds and allow her to attend college, so that she can continue to reach for her goal of becoming a Veterinarian and opening an animal shelter. A service dog would change Jackie's life, her son's life, her husband's life and the lives of her friends and family.
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