A Service Dog for Lani

hope for independence
A Service Dog for Lani

Lani is a thirty year old young woman who has struggled to overcome a history of abuse and related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder for most of her life.

The symptoms of Lani's conditions have interfered with her ability to work and finish school, much to her dismay. Lani's symptoms have been escalating over the last year and caused her to have crippling panic attacks on a daily basis that cause hyperventilating, gastrointestinal issues, and vomiting. After many months of struggling, Lani was forced to take a medical leave for three months, hopeful that doing so would help her return to work soon with the ability to manage her symptoms. Unfortunately, when Lani returned to work these symptoms were even worse and Lani was forced to leave her job. A service dog would ground Lani when she is struggling and help her to manage her anxiety, hypervigilance and fear paralysis, however she needs your help to make this possible.

Please donate today to give the gift of independence and enable this desperate young woman to regain her life, return to work, and finish school!
Us 2025.00 USD
Deposit Check 2000.00 USD
Us 1415.22 USD
Us 1300.00 USD
Us 1075.78 USD
Us 786.00 USD
CT 498.00 USD
Dog Sitting 200.00 USD
Mom 100.00 USD
Aunty Leilani 100.00 USD
Barbara Amberson 100.00 USD
Judi and Glen Markowitz 100.00 USD
Judi and Glen Markowitz 100.00 USD
Dog-walking 100.00 USD
Makie Sanchez 65.00 USD
Dog-Walking 60.00 USD
Dog-Walking 60.00 USD
50.00 USD
50.00 USD
Judi and Glen Markowitz 50.00 USD
Casey 25.00 USD
Kata 20.00 USD
Jose something hi rainbow 5.00 USD
Prox 5.00 USD
Total amount 10290.00 USD
Target to reach 10290.00 USD

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