A Service Dog for James

hope for independence
A Service Dog for James

James is a young man who has struggled with severe depression and anxiety throughout his life.

James' illnesses have affected him deeply and made day to day life difficult.

James' symptoms and anxiety make it very difficult for him to be in crowds, even making it impossible for him to go to a grocery store or, at times, even to leave his house.

A service dog will be life changing, even life saving for James.

Being responsible for a dog that unconditionally loves him will give James the motivation to get out of bed each day. Having a companion to help ease his anxiety will make tasks like grocery shopping,or making necessary phone calls more manageable. Going to a parade, a sports game, or even going out with friends will be enjoyable instead of anxiety inducing.

Please consider helping us improve James’s quality of life by making a donation to the cost of this incredible gift.
Lee Atherton - Deposit 2050.00 USD
1000.00 USD
1000.00 USD
1000.00 USD
Faith United Parish - check 400.00 USD
Thomas Comeau 200.00 USD
Laura Thiele 150.00 USD
Checks 125.00 USD
Don Eisenhauer 100.00 USD
Jim 100.00 USD
Mom 50.00 USD
Dr. Richard Nardine 50.00 USD
Aunt Patty 50.00 USD
Dave Coulson 50.00 USD
Lee Atherton 50.00 USD
Gina DiMatteo 50.00 USD
Laurelle Farrell 30.00 USD
Soo Laski 30.00 USD
Alana Martel 25.00 USD
Marty 25.00 USD
Mike Gabriel 25.00 USD
Karen Johnson 25.00 USD
Christine Marschall 25.00 USD
Shaena Beardsley 25.00 USD
Melissa Cominoli 25.00 USD
Liz Perez 25.00 USD
Donna Towne 25.00 USD
Jen Trapuzzano 25.00 USD
Audrey Johnson 10.00 USD
Tiffani 10.00 USD
Total amount 6755.00 USD
Target to reach 10290.00 USD

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